Monday, March 10, 2014

Final Push across Florida Bay

It was odd to be pushing and pushing to get to the next check point then once we reached the last one it was like "what now?"  Oh, yes the finish.  Wow, have we really gone this far?  We pulled into Flamingo and after a little clean-up and rest we left at 5pm for a push to the finish across Florida Bay.  The bay is super shallow and one has to be spot on on ones navigation following these narrow marked channels.  With names like Tin Can Channel, Dump keys, Twisty Channel and Crocodile Dragover we weaved our way to the finish.  Arriving at 3:15am there was not a lot of celebrating but it sure felt good.
 Storm clouds all around Florida Bay
 Unpacking for the last time
 Signing in at the finish

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  1. JustSurf, You are JustAwesome! Keep your paddle wet, and let us know if you make your way to the Great Lakes.