Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 2

Day 2 was the toughest and luckily I had be warned the day before about this.  Head down and grind it out that's all you can do.  The problem was the wind was up and then we were fighting the tide not to mention it was Sunday and it felt like everyone who owned a boat was out.  They tried really hard to provide the biggest wakes possible and thought it would be good to come and find out if I was okay.  This was done by roaring up to me then after finding out I was okay they roared around me and headed off, leaving me with another huge wake, thanks very much Mr. Motorboat.

Day2: Camp Cayo Pelau to New Pass

 Beautiful sunsets were a treat at the end of a long days paddling
 Team Vapor Apparel perfect shirts for the race

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