Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you crazy?

I walked into the local surf shop to buy some inserts for my SUP and as I came out this line really stuck in my head - "Are you crazy?"

Inserts for holding down gear
As I asked for “4, no make it 5 inserts" the guy behind the counter gave me a surprised look.  Like, why would you want 5 most people just require one and he asked me what I was fixing.  So I explained it’s for my SUP, I am doing this long race and you have to take all this safety gear and I need to secure it to my board.  He mulls it over and I think he is starting to worry.   Since I had already asked how easy it is to put them in myself.

He asked me “how long is the race?”
I tried to act casual and tell him it’s a week.
He stops and looks at me again somewhat surprised.
“That’s a long time to be standing on a board, how far is it?”
I had hoped he wouldn’t ask because the last person to inquire that had a similar reply and I was sensing a trend here.  I told him it’s roughly 300 miles.
Bang, it happened again “Are you crazy?”

After all the “crazy” comments I am beginning to doubt my sanity.   Yet I will continue and I will look forward to more words of encouragement crazy or not.


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