Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Days to go, pack, pack again and again.

Packing conversations with my kids:
Kids: So much stuff and it has to go in there! Ha.
Kids: I don't think it's going to fit.
Me: Well we can try and get rid of some stuff and try again [it's my second go]
Kids: ha ha.
Kids: That's a lot of stuff and it all has to go on your board.
Kids: You're going to sink, ha ha ha.
Me: Some of it's food maybe I can eat my way back to the surface.
Kids:  Ha ha you're going to be slow.
Me: That's true.


  1. Congratulations on your finish! I've been following my bother in the challenge, still days away from the finish, and I'm very impressed by all of you! It's his first time doing any kind of race at all. He worked for years building a wooden bufflehead sailing canoe so he could do the Everglades Challenge. Then you come along and make it look like anything that floats can do it! Clearly the vessel is irrelevant, it's all about who is making it move. Good on ya.

  2. Written by Justin's wife:
    Thank you, as I am sure your brother can concur, it is a challenge in itself and that everyone has a first time and it will be an amazing adventure.

    Justin did not build his own board, but I am so impressed that your brother did. That is true commitment and a true adventure on its own!

    Keep cheering him on, that makes a huge difference to a challenger. I know that was what kept Justin going....